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"Today, video is everywhere in our daily lives.
If you want to convey a message, move, or promote a product or event
the video is a really powerful tool! "

"When people work together,

the mountains are changing into gold"

Chinese proverb

Hervé Schmoor - head project

It was after having studied natural sciences that I am fully engaged in a passion that I always had the visual arts.

When I make videos, I am first an artist and technician then. Loving beautiful pictures and emotions they generate, I offer a new vision of the video through a fresh, modern and creative eye.

We shoot with digital reflex (Canon 600D, Canon 5D II), stabilizers, microphones, tracking...

This technology allows us to bring a cinematic look to our videos.

Today, we are at your disposal to offer you THE video that meets your needs.

We work with audiovisual specialists (photograph, infographist, sound engineer, voice off presenter...).

Feel free to contact us, we are disponible and we will answer you as fast as possible.


We are mobile in all the world!





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